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Confident career-driven woman sitting at a computer desk

Jobs and internships: Find your leadership potential this summer

Rate this article and enter to win Decorating your cubicle at your new job? Heading up research at your lab this summer? In a recent survey by SH101, about two out of three students who...
woman holding pen and notebook

The job prob: How career services can help right now

Rate this article and enter to winYou understand the importance of interacting with your instructors and finding your favorite study space—but what about using your school’s career services? If you’re still in the dark...
Man and woman at computer

The job prob: How (and why) to get that internship

Rate this article and enter to winInternships are the “new interview”—your most likely route to a job, according to surveys of students, graduates, and employers. Here, experts say why.Question: How much does an internship...
Girl with book

The job prob: An expert edits your résumé

Rate this article and enter to winEXPERT: Michelle Dumas, Distinctive Career Services, BostonMany of us have stared at the screen, willing vague experiences and anxious words to form into a compelling statement of how...
Man doing homework

The job prob: How to make your electives matter

Rate this article and enter to winWhether you’re in law school or getting your associate degree at a local community college, picking your electives can be stressful. When choosing your supplemental courses, you’re likely...
business woman

The job prob: How learning to lead can help you succeed

Rate this article and enter to winMidterms month: time to evaluate our national or local leaders, get into bitter online arguments, and even vote. But as much as we complain when our leaders fall...
Female searching for jobs

The job prob: Forecasting your future in the job market

Rate this article and enter to winHow can you maximize your career prospects in our fast-evolving professional world? How can you use your time as a student to position yourself for the job market...
Woman applying for jobs

Crack the job listing code

Rate this article and enter to winLots of students focus on perfecting a cover letter and résumé, and acing an interview. But did you know there’s an art to the job search itself? There...